Table arrangement is not visible bug and menu show bug


here what i did



but what i see is this everything is visible but still table arrangement is unable to see
all vertical arrangement is iscard enable
i made vertical scroll arrangement is so could see so problem is not there

over here if i set menu show true than it shows stop and about that you can see in above screen
when i set it false it works fine


Can you please show us your blocks.


Maybe set your screen to scrollable.


@Hassan @Peter_Mathijssen i edited just look at it


I have done nothing in block i am just started


You have VerticalArrangement in TableArrangement.

  1. What components do you have inside each VerticalArrangement?
  2. Why so many VerticalArrangement?


it’s like pdf gallery each vertical arrangement is iscard (need material card for each block) changed the color and set height and width to 100x100 it wont show anything


@vinit_poojary for the menu, you are showing the default menu when the screen.initialize before the menu.initialize. So just delete the MenuShow block.

MenuShow block when true it will show the menu, false hide


ok great thanks @Hassan and what about the table arrangement


@vinit_poojary I found out that if the Arrangement is a card, it will not fit in the a table since the card width is always: Fill parent

@John Could you fix the issue with Arrangement card width and height ?


@Hassan Thanks for your input. Please fill out an issue HERE. Thanks


ok so i will use horizontal till it is fixed