T.V. click app button



Can I make it so when someone clicks my app icon, they are instantly directed to my television channel?


Please explain what you mean by “television channel”


So, i work for a cable television channel 5. I want my channel 5 app button, when clicked, to instantiously take a veiwer to the channel.


So you’re wanting the app to change the channel on the cable box?


no, i own a television station. i made an app. now i want to make it so people who download my app can simply click it, and it takes them to my channel.


How does someone access your channel from an android device currently?


they dont, only youtube. but i have a link to the channel



here is the link to the channel


The quick and easy way would probably be to use your links url in a webviewer.


please explain, i have an app built.


What does your app currently do?


when clicked, opens url I sent. Then person has to click the icon. I want it to just open the television broadcast automatically


I can help with this if you still need help.