System Error - Bad value for vertical alignment -- MockHVLayoutBase


Since a few days i get this error… Whats the meaning of it?
Could it be that there are too many blocks in one Screen?
I have no files in the asset folder and the size of the apk is about 2.8 mb

Sometimes it compile my app but most of all i get a build error…
in the debug panel the alignment error always exists…

Could anybody help me?


@Guenter At what stage do you get this error message?


i am not really sure what you mean with stage… i send you a message with the summary of my debug panel…

sorry for my bad english…


@Guenter It seems like you have a Layout block that has open socket. Do you have any errors in your blocks editor?


There are no warnings… no red and no yellow one… :-/


i use this extension…
could that be the problem?


por favor puedes enviar los bloques de tu proyecto para mirar lo que estas intentando realizar


next time when i am on my laptop i will send you the blocks… :slight_smile:


Init in Screen1
Check if pressed in BannerButtons Touch Listener
Let them blink in Clock Timer


El setup no es una lista es un horizontal arr


the h_list contains all of the horizontal arrangements that i use with your extension…
in the for each block i select each item of the h_list… so i think the input in setup should be a horizontal arr… am i false?


No funsiona de esa manera debe ser uno por uno


Oh… i have about 30 of these ho arr’s. - many blocks to add… :frowning:
Do i have to do that one by one only for setup or for the start too?


No sé puede o aún no conozco la manera


how does the h_list look like?
unfortunately it’s collapsed, so we can’t see it in the screenshot…


as i said… thats the list with my hor arr…
if there where a false item or an item will be empty i would get another error message…
the thread could be closed…
if i do the setup one by one the error is gone…
thx for your help andres and nikkon…


well, sometimes its better to check… a screenshot could help us to verify it…
and if there are horizontal arrangement components inside the list, then why shouldn’t it work? @Andres_Cotes ?
to copy these blocks 20 times does not look like it would be the best way to go…



Hola @Taifun el intento hacer algo como esto

y el metodo recibe es un HorizontalArrangement y no un yailist la forma adecuada para hacer eso es un listview pero cada persona trabaja con lo que tiene a la mano. le pregunte a Evan la forma de identificar los HorizontalArrangement por el nombre o una id y es muy complicado explico Evan!topic/app-inventor-open-source-dev/YEj4qaR0m7c pero si imaginas una manera de identificar los elementos quedaría agradecido




he is using a for each number from to loop

which means, in each loop he selects a horizontal arrangement component from the list and uses that component together with the Setup method

I can’t see any reason why this should not work, assuming the list is correctly defined (well, without screenshot of the expanded list we only can guess, that @Guenter did it correctly)

@Guenter might want to provide an example project (aia file) as simple as possible, which demonstrates this issue for you to test…



Input no class int or yailist the class is horizontalarrangement is the error