Switch component improvements


Been meaning to ask about this for a while. The “Switch” component has a “Text” field, but none of the standard features that go with that, ability to change the default type face, define a custom font, HTML Format, etc. It an app with pretty much all other text set to a custom font, the lack really stands out, graphically when running the app. Can we get this corrected? Surely it can’t be particularly complex to implement?


@Hossein Should I post this to the issue tracker?


Thanks. It was added. AppyBuilder team is working on it:


Doh. Memory like swiss cheese. Thank you for your patience, @Hossein


:slight_smile: No problem. By the way, Did you know that you can set width to Fill Parent to properly format the switches? Great for config windows:



BTW switch component is having a grey border around it in Oreo…
In Nougat there was nothing like this… here and in other platforms as well…

I am aware of the respective switch extension that has no such issues across android versions and I am using it already but since that there is improvement of native components, please take a look at this also…

thank you.


We have updated or switch component with additional features. It’ll be in next release