Swiping Screens or layouts


i need to swipe right or left to go to another screen (another view ) but not a picture
i.e i have a Screen1 with a specific formatting and i need to swipe to Screen2 with another formatting
any ideas ? :blush:


@Andres_Cotes has an extension for this


You can do same thing with screen

My other post :

Gesture extension by @NMD :

Swipe extension by @Andres_Cotes :


thanks Nick :slight_smile:
i’m interested in the first one you attached
but may you help me to use it, i’m kinda lost here with it as i such a beginner
(my goal is to swipe right or left to another screen)


Are you interested in block or .AIA file?
I happy to help you. :blush:


thanks Nick, i appreciate that :blush:
actually i am interested in that one :point_down:

i like the idea, and i wonder how could i apply it to swipe left and right between Screens
i’m lost in blocks :slight_smile:


Does your problem solved or needs help?


i solved swiping between layouts only , didn’t figure out how to swip screens unfortunately yet


Use same code blocks for open another screen.
Sorry but this moment i can’t share aia file and block image bcz i am away from my pc.

But see image below and try :


it didn’t work :frowning:
am i supposed to install Screen initialize block to make something :thinking:?


Yes you need to register scroll view first.

See third block :



check this Nike whenever you can,
swipe_test.aia (23.4 KB)
i know its disaster :joy::joy:


Hello here is your app :smile:

I have used here gesture extension prepared by NMD (MIKA).
Thanks for lovely extension.

Sample .Aia file :
swipe_test.aia (16.3 KB)



awesome :heart_eyes:
great effort Nick :+1::+1:
thanks for your time, really i appreciate that :blush:
can i use many extensions for one App ? cause i have already installed one for layout swiping


Yes, as per your need you can use extensions.

I am here to help community.

For any further help i am always ready.:+1: