Support libraries


Do you know which version of the Support Library will be used and what the minSdkVersion will be?

Google policy to Target SDK 26

Is this for your extensions; version 26


Yes, I was asking so I can prepare.
I have a few features I want to add and I need a higher Support Library to achieve them.


This means the minSdkVersion will be 14, ICE_CREAM_SANDWICH


AppyBuilder has been using minSdk 14 for couple of years


I am pretty sure I was able to install a .apk made with AB on a API 11 emulator just a few weeks ago.
I’ll check again.


And I was wrong, Emulator was API 15.


Which Revision?


Ken, I believe its 26.0.3


Evan’s Fork uses 26.1.0 so this is what i am compiling against for my extensions.
I am having issues with NotificationCompat: