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I think it’s great that you work intensively with Appybuilder.

But a few little reviews: You are flooding Google Play with apps that already exist. The design is suboptimal (my personal impression).
You should consider why I should download your apps and not the others! What advantage do I have of using your apps ?!
What is my benefit, as a user, when I download your apps?

You need a unique selling point!
My entry is not meant to be evil. I want you to think about it.

Not the amount of apps is crucial, it’s the quality.

Kind regards


Hello Thomas,
I think my apps can help to the people and not all my ideas are the same of other apps. May be I’m not a genius with the design but I try to get functional apps who works good and may be they are not best, but I try to do a lot of apps who can be download and used for different things.
I know the point may be not the quantity, but I try to work hard to get a lot of possibilities. With an app that is successful it could be worth it, but to get that app I have to do a lot.
May be my apps are not perfects to be the best ones, but I’m practicing the environment and thinking in different ideas. Someday I could make the good one who makes me live with it… meanwhile… I will still doing what I know I can do… developing and increasing my habilities.
That’s the reason I do this… that’s my hobbie and I’ll try to earn money with it.