Suddenly ads are not showing both banner and Intersitial



Hello AppyBuilder Support,

I have app running good since last 4 month. I have 10000+ active users. Suddenly last 2 days ads are stop showing. And also shwoing blank space in place of banner ad. I thought it is happening due technical error. When I have used new Adunit ID in my app but still ads are not showing.

But when I used working Adunit ID in news test dummy app they working fine. So what happen to my app why they not showing ads.

When I used notifer I got this massege. I am not able to undestand what should I do?

Please help!!

This is the test app screen where the Adunits are working.



I have one banner ad in one page and one interstitial after person returns to home page. I load one ad at a time. Is this too much ads.



As above only one line matched that my admob account is new. But I did not used clock to show ads and I only show one ad at one time. I used that user click on button goes to web view and when he press back button to returns home inbetween I shows him a interstitial ad. Is this right approache or not?
If not than what should be the right approache?


Ask admob. They make the rules not we.


Thanks for your help.


Hello Every One How Are You
please Help me my appy builder app ads are not show Please help me



I have the same problem, have you solved it?