Stream Player (Video & Audio) Extension



  • Stream Video from web (FirebaseStorage tested)
  • Stream Audio from web (FirebaseStorage tested)
  • Working on local storage file too
  • Dialog Bar for audio Player

price 12USD

Read Before pay
Terms and Conditions

Audio and video streaming
Audio Player Not Working On Appybuilder

Holaaa, reproduce los archivos AAC? En streaming? Me envía un apk de prueba?


Paid and wait for the extension. Thx!


Hi, I already paid. What is the next step? Thanks


Did you get the Extension?


using this we can play you-tube video also ?


Hi, is possible the use with rstp protocol?



Hello, I would like to know if this extension plays aac streaming without delays if so, I would like to receive a demo or something to test them with the url and acquire it


Personally, I don’t recommend you to give any test applications to people as it is possible to decompile them and take your source code.


I’m interested to buying this extension


Hola, es posible hacer un streaming de audio y video desde un android a otro?


does this work for facebook live?


No, its not working I think


Hi, i sended to you 12 USD, can you send me the extension pls?! I’ve already contacted you by your paypal email


Please communicate via pm with the developer not via this topic.


I just wanted to know if he is still alive :rofl:


He was last online a week ago.


Bom dia.
Extensão Stream Player funciona com streaming de áudio?
Ele mostra o status do streaming quando esta conectando ou quando cai a conexão ele mostra que a conexão foi perdida e tenta fazer a reconexão? Se tiver um exemplo da funcionalidade do Stream Player com streamind de audio de alguma Rádio ficarei grato. Obrigado



Hi Kus_Zab,

I have to run a video locally … you can add an extension option to disable the controls (Pause-Play etc …)

Urgent Thank you.