Strange behaviour of layouts


I’m experiencing a strange behaviour, but since it’s been a while maybe I’m doing something wrong.
I have 1 horizontal arrangement, the gray one in the picture.
Inside of it I have 1 vertical arrangement in which there are 3 horizontal arrangements (the ones colored in shades of blue)
Screen1 is set to Responsive
The gray arrangement height is set to automatic (but I tried also a fixed size like 200px)
the 3 arrangements inside have the height set to Fill parent.

I expect the 3 arrangements to share an equal portion of the parent (the gray arrangement), but they don’t. Doesn’t matter if the gray arrangement height is set to automatic, it always have some space at the bottom.

How do I accomplish this?




1 vertical arrangement set Height to Fill parent as well


ok, after all day coding I probably needed a break. Thank you! :joy:


@Boban_Stojmenovic if I set the gray arrangement height to automatic it shrink to 0px in the browser preview, do you know how can I avoid this? In the companion it shows ok, but in the preview it’s a mess


Try to set the height of your image to fill parent and see what happens.


or add a new arrangement with fill parent