Stop the rain tutorial!


I made the best app you can think off. It shows the power of AppyBuilder. :sunglasses:

Whenever it is raining and you want to stop the rain then point your phone towards the sky and press the button and see what happens.

These are the blocks.

And the images used.

Here you can find the aia file. It has a ttf font inside also.

stoptherain.aia (262.9 KB)

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Wow!!! Very interesting!!! Even to a person that does not like games too much like me! Congrats!!!


LOL! Nice graphics! But here’s snowing! Make one for snow PLEASE!


Wow!!! Very interesting!!!


stopthesnow.aia (356.5 KB)


And the best is you can stop whatever you want!!! :grin:


Now that’s something I can use here! :joy:


@Peter_Mathijssen thanks for the tutorial :sunny:


Funny app, @Peter_Mathijssen. You are so creative, pal…:smile:


so pretty! I love it :smiley:


Hi, where you download the pics of this app?, please share the link :grinning:


@herrerapps it’s it the aia


ok thanks Sir :+1: :hushed:


Most of the time if get images from or


thanks for the links


:joy::joy::joy: nice one !! Bruh !!