Start video from point in ms


i try start video hasing full lenght of about 9 second, from point in 5 second. But video starts from begin 0 second everytime msec


I can’t test this right now but, Try putting SeekTo block before the Start block.


yes sir, i was doing it earlyer but dont have necessary result


Maybe there’s a certain block blocking SeekTo from functioning correctly. Sometimes this happens with timers, including from other Builders that have been told this bug before.


i switched off all clock timer options, but that dont bring any result unfortunately


I think you should give you app more time to find the place where it should start. So with a timer, give it a second or maybe less, but you have to test that, and then use the start block.


i try to do it with timeinterval option added this before SEEKTO , BUT ITS NOT WORKED


Can you show how you did it?


yes Peter, first of all i want to say that video plays before screen1 will started