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He Guy’s and Girls,

When I open the app it always shows this screen. See pic below:

Is there a way to remove it or set somekind of picture when the app opens?

The new Bug is available on opening screen is black
Pass data / click buttons on another app
Eliminatr titulo Screen1

Do you have any components on the screen?
Do you need to change the background color?


The background is set to none so clear
I don’t know what you mean by components on the screen


Still no solution???


@Batman Can you share a simple .aia so that we can see what you mean?


Here is my aia file it is just the startscreen with all other screens removed because of security issus.
Please let me know what the problem is.


Test.aia (824.9 KB)


Umm, none means completely empty/blank. You may want to set background to Default.


I did but still the same result


Unfortunately there is nothing you can do about it…

Before start screen

@Batman I checked it out. As @Boban_Stojmenovic indicated, you can’t do anything anything about it. You’ll see same behavior even in MIT AI.


Yes I have noticed that even when I made a new project with one button in de startscreen it shows the same as shown in the pic above only it’s gone quicker. I am starting to thinks it is something within appybuilder itself.


@Batman That is not correct. That’s just how AI is


I have never had this problem before


@Batman Maybe I’m not clear on your question. See your test app at link below. There is a delay and then it opens with no problem.


It’s not that the program will not open it’s just the delay and the the first opening of the app that shows the screen as picture above


Correct. Sorry, but as Boban had indicated, AI takes a while to load-up initial screen. I think steps that you can take to reduce load time, is to create like a splash screen. Your initial screen has 275 blocks and +20 that needs to be loaded. Maybe splash-screen would help.

FYI, on my device, loading your app is pretty-fast

The new Bug is available on opening screen is black
Why you not remove black screen in becoming of app

I don’t know how to make a splah screen maybe you can give me a little bit of help


Check out video below. Its for MIT AI, but same concept:

The new Bug is available on opening screen is black

tq tq soo much…
sir did u have your youtube channel


in mit ai we dont have second string with app name, how can i hide this