Staff: you are great


Just a small compliment to the staff and contributors:

You are great. You spend so much time volunteering to help newcomers develop apps. It should become a duty that this work be valued by those who ask questions. It must become aware that professional volunteers are at work, in their spare time. That should also be reflected in the question. However, in the short time that I am here, I noticed that these questions are often rude, demanding and somehow with a certain touch of arrogance. The people of Appybuilder did not deserve that.

So I have to say thanks for your service to Appybuilder and their users.

@et al.

(Order has no meaning)


Thank you very much for your kind words.


@Rene thanks for great feedback. It’s always great to hear compliments and praise :slight_smile:


I just wanted to say thank you so much Rene.
I have had a lot of stuff going on in my personal life that has been really depressing.
And seeing this message totally made my day :heart_eyes: