SpaceShip Game Tutorial part 01!



Make a basic spaceship game in AppyBuilder or MIT App Inventor. The spaceship rotates using buttons and also fires with buttons
Source file (*.aia + images, sounds)
spaceShipTutorial12_copy.aia (183.4 KB)
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:rocket: Hello friends, in this tutorial I will make AGAIN a “how to make a simple spaceship game tutorial” ,
In the video you will… learn? see? how to:

:rocket: Use a procedure to Scale and Center a Sprite in the middle of the canvas, no matter the device screen size.

:rocket: Rotate a Sprite in APP Inventor using heading property and the canvas onDragging Event (use one finger rotates the ship and fires)

:rocket: Use the “Z” property in App Inventor to place sprites one under other

:rocket: How to shoot the “space bullet” in the direction where the spaceship is facing

:rocket: Use a clock to make sure “default properties” load correctly when the screen initializes.

:rocket: Lots of mini tips to work work work work work :microphone::musical_score::musical_note: with MIT app inventor


@azaotl thanks for another great tutorial. With you and @PixiiBomb and others who are providing tutorials and tips and tricks, we got it made :sunny: :+1:


@Hossein I am really Happy to share and help friend! and also helping helps me learn and uderstand a little bit better everything about appyBuilder-AppInventor! As always THANK YOU for your support!!


Yes, it’s not that easy to make video tutorials. I tried a couple of times and failed miserably. It’s harder than it looks. Thanks @azaotl


@Italo My pleasure, I know what you mean friend, when I finished this tutorial I didn’t adjust the quality , the video was so pixeled!! I had to record again! jaja but that was good because in my first try I didn’t use the “color” idea from GIMP to make this “illumination look” . I enjoyed making tutorials thanks for watching them! :wink: