Sound Sensor first version of my new extension


HelloBuilder! :slight_smile:

Today i will release the first version of my new extension called Sound Sensor.
this is my 2nd extension
1st are here Super Activity


What should it price ?
Tell this to you guys!!!


What is the difference between this extension and the sound sensor from Appy Builder?


Also, there is already free extension by MadRobots, if I am correct.


but cont use in any other inventor And not apk build option there .there we can only companion test only


Hi, if you are not launching the extension, please use Extension Development category… if you are launching, please give complete documentation and download link. If it is paid extension then add price and purchase steps.


I want to build hearing aid for hearing-impaired patients. This is a good extension that will be useful. I wish to request possible integration of equalizer to this extension.
Can we also consider this for the sound sensor in appybuilder?


hello appybuilder! how can i download this extentions ?


how can i use sound sensor to develop an app like Clapp to find phone or Whistle to find phone app please


@Shivendra_Kr_Sahu this app has what i need but i dont know where to download it, can someone please help me out?


Hi…can i use this extension for hotword detection…if yes pls tell me how to download


Does the “MicMute” block control the microphone?


What is the function of the “MicMute” block? Does it work with the apk in the background? In other words, could you control the microphone of the mobile?