Sorry, you can't package apps more than 20 mb, yours is 34,5 mb


I thought with the new upgrade you guys removed the limit, now i still can’t build a large app why?


The limit went to almost 20MB not unlimited.

If you need more than that try this:


I followed that guide but isn’t working. When i open the app, it will not download the file and when i search on my directory, the folder /do-not-delete/webprefetch doesn’t exist.


Your ResponseFileName is wrong, it should be the actual file name.


so i should delete the join/get gobal and i have to insert the actual file name? or i should create many procedures for each file i have to download?


Look at the tutorial again.
You need another list.


Hi, i still can’t download my flie, when i search for the file in my phone nothing found.
As you can see on ResponseFileName i put that AccelWorld.mp3 but when i start my app an error occured "Unable to get a response with the specified url: Link google drive and if i restart my app notify says “download completed” but i can’t found my file on my phone.


what if i just want to download the file when i press a button then set the media player source on that file? because this is what i need and maybe is more easy to do without all these global class.