Someone helps me with Webpage not available


When I use url in chrome browser is opens but If I use it in webviewer
Gives me this message below :point_down:

Webpage not available

The webpage at intent://?utm_source=motive&utm_medium=app&utm_campaign=and_sa_ar_all&utm_content=69168&utm_term=cr1_20160914&adjust_reftag=cSz712iMbdpxQ#Intent;scheme=careem;package=com.careem.acma;end could not be loaded because:



i guess the webviewer doesn’t know what to do with an intent:// url.


You’re right
I add activity android.intent.action.VIEW
and now it’s work


To help others with same issue, please post screenshot of block



How to turn it on without buttons


Use clock.timer -> start activity .
It will automatically run this event after time interval.


anyone share the block code …???


Donde debo agregar el android.intent.action.VIEW ?


Con el clock se sigue ejecutando.