[SOLVED] Winstarter.cmd not working!SET UP Java JDK correctly!


I am using Windows 10 and I set up JAVA_HOME’s path correctly. The Starter and Builder CMDs are not working. They ay closing right after execution.
What could be the problem?


Do you execute them in a terminal? I have to do that because i use linux.


No I don’t.
Even the App inventor offline isn’t working.
In my former laptop (HP), it worked perfectly well.


Maybe you can try that and see if you get an error message.


Hi it show this


I don’t use Windows so can not help you with that.


Thank you. If you find a fix, it would be great if you can share it to me.


Do you have special characters in your path? Try unzipping to folder like /temp

I use it on Windows with no issues.

Also, does WinStartFrontend.bat work for you? If yes, change the WinStartBuildServer.cmd to WinStartBuildServer.bat and test again




I follow all steps but not worked


What not worked?? Show screenshot