[SOLVED] Find AirTable rowid for particular value in a column


Hi Everyone,

I’m looking to find an AirTable rowid for a particular value in a table column. The attachment will show the blocks and more details on what I’m trying to do.


blocks to get rowid’s.pdf (134.0 KB)


Dont post a pdf. Just put your blocks here in your post.


Hi Peter,

Sorry. Here you go.


In search for the elusive AirTable rowid:

My app has a TextBox for a user name. The text in there is “Sam”. I call this procedure to grab all of the login user names from the AirTable.

The .GetColumn calls .GotColumn and I store the Login Names from “Values” into a global variable called “ListOfLoginNames”. I do a “contains text” to see if the “Sam” is in “ListOfLoginNames”. If it’s in there, I’m displaying a message showing each rowid from “rowids”. In my AirTable there are 3 rows.

This is in .GotColumn:

For this example the Login Names from global ListOfLoginNames are:


For simplicity, Emad has rowid 384HHH, Sam has 123ABC and Judy has 876ZYT

What blocks do I need to use to figure out which rowid belongs to “Sam”?

Is there a string functions extension that will allow me to locate “Sam” and identify “Sam” as the 2nd one in “Values”? Also will it allow me to find the 2nd one in rowids so I can get at the rowid for “Sam”?



Hi Everyone,

I found out how to do it. If anyone knows of a better way, please let me know.


Updated .GotColumn block: