[SOLVED] Api 28 - map problem in Android 9


@Hossein okay, now its clear, yes in android less than version 9 its working perfect same I´m testing

okay let´s go to make a Boban approach,

I’ve tried a lot of things and they haven’t worked for me,
1 - first with unzip/makes Boban changues/zip and make change to .apk name (dont work)

2 - with ApptoMarjer v4.0 + v4.1

if we make with AppToMarket_v4.0 + AppToMarket_v4.1,
why he dont work and not possible to descompile? we have unable to descompile, see down picture . ERROR Unable to descompile

or do you have another method for make the Boban approach?

doing what Boban recommends is relatively easy, but I can’t find a way to decompile, make changes and compile again, I’ve tried everything many times and there’s no way

thanks in advanced


You were almost there

This will never work

Since AppToMarket is not updated to the latest it wont work either, but how can you know that besides searching many threads

Update for ApppToMarket http://baasapps.com/tips-and-tricks/#apptomarket170

If something is still unclear, make a new post and I will try to help




I think I got it with the Easy tool App, in principle I did a test and I think it was all right, but since I had so many apk, api versions 26 + 28 and others on the mobile and computer, I deleted everything, clear all and I will redo everything again

I’m working now I tell you when it’s over, but I think in principle it’s going to be all right

please wait a few minutes


@Hossein @Boban_Stojmenovic @im.pala

good news , at last with APK Easy Tool I make the @Boban_Stojmenovic changues and in firts IS WORKING FOR ME



I’m going to take a route and try everything live.

(if any user needs to know how to do with the APK Easy Tool, you can write in private and I inform you of everything)

AppyBuilder & Kodular

I did just that and I still can’t see those necessary changes that I did in Buildserver.jar

From AI2 source file Compiler.class vs Compiler.class in Buildserver.jar

Btw, this will also fix http issues that we have seen



Works on my end however, do this at your own RISK

  • Go to your server …\AppyBuilderPersonal\BuildServer\lib\ folder
  • Rename BuildServer.jar to Old or whatever ex.Old-BuildServer.jar
  • Download this BuildServer.jar and put it in the same folder
  • Start you server and build your app

It will add necessary lines to Manifest file so you don’t need to decompile your apk

Note, as it’s a big file it will take time for Google to process it, so be patient


WebSocket Client Extension
Android 9 - Photo issue

What would be a risk? They know some in common.


Hi Boban,
I have the same problem, can you give me the Buildserve.jar ?

I hope that fix other 2 problem.



Hi Boban!
I have the same problem with Web Fetch component (parsing JSON). API 26 everything works fine, with API 28 (Android 9) component Web Feth does not work


Did you try the above solution, post 33 or 46


Hi Boban!
I used solution 46 and it works for me.

Thank you very much!