[SOLVED] Api 28 - map problem in Android 9


I saw that the new Offline version have a problems with map in Android 9 in Api 28

we tested in Android 8 (mobile Samsung SM-J710FN (Android 8.1.0) and the map work perfect.

in android 9 (mobile Xiaomi Pocophone (android version 9 - PKQ1 - 1480729.001) the map is grey and one red point of location

how is possible we will solved this problem?

thanks in advanced


Same problem :roll_eyes: with OSM.


Zoran, sorry , what is OSM? I dont know,


sorry OSM = Open Street Map,
Yes same that us, with OSM


Hello, no body have this problems with map?
not importn for community ?


@Jose_Navarro, I’ve heard that there is some problems when you use Xiaomi devices… I think developers are aware of that.


I do not have the opportunity to test the maps on android 9 and on another device other than Xiaomi, the only thing I have with android 9 is Xiaomi,

to see how I can test android 9 on another brand of mobile

Are there any users who have android 9 and can try the maps?

best and thanks in advanced


Samsung j6 Android 9.0
Open street maps doesn’t work.
I test it with genymotion and it doesn’t work too.


the end of appybuilder online is approaching and we have no response from the developers of the map problem in the offline version in API 28, the solution for map-based applications is not very good, because if you upload to play store with API version 28 the map on Android 9 looks gray, doesn’t work (as you’re going to publish a map-based app and the map doesn’t work, it’s not possible) and if you try to upload with API 26 that if the map works it doesn’t leave as the old API 26.

map app users have a very big problem.

I would very much like to know how we can solve this problem.

Thank you so much for your help


Good morning, well it seems that this problem of maps is not of interest to anyone, and it is very strange that among so many users only a few have this problem with maps and android 9 (API 28).

many days have passed (05-08-19) and we remain unanswered, nor do designers tell us or help us see how to solve this problem. (see photo 3).

I try to upload the app to play store and clear in api version 26 that works the map can no longer, gives us warning - error. (see photo 1).

I ask please for someone to help us, I have to update my app and I can not update with a map that is not seen, just a gray screen, it is a big problem.

the situation I think is very simple, if the problem has no solution, it is clear that it cannot be solved and I try to migrate to another platform (a big problem, because it is a great job already done, that has to be repeated).

but I see it’s not fair, to be waiting about 1 month and not have an answer or have a solution.

there are only 2 days to close Appybuilder, they tell us to keep the forum - the community but we are left with an offline version, which we don’t know if we are going to update and waiting to have the new appybuilder in the first part of the year 2020. (see photo 2).

dear designers, can you tell us if you are going to solve the map problem on Android 9.0 (API 28) so that users can take a new path or wait for the solution ?

Thank you very much for your response and I hope not to bother with my messages and insistence, but you have to understand that we have a problem and have to help us solve it (we can not publish an application based on gps and maps and that the map does not show correctly).



I send a pm to the developers with a request to answer your question.


Thanks soo much @Peter


Appreciate your patience with this. We are attempting to have an OFFLINE update by Sunday (Sept 1st), eve (EST timezone). This patch will only address the issue with MAP component.


I´m very happy now,
thanks soo much @Hossein
Great live for appybuilder, the best one


Hello: good morning,
today Monday 02-09-19 we havent a update of OFFLINE with map patch.

when its ready? we need for along time
thanks in advanced


Did you read this?


Yes of course, but I prefer continius with Offline version, and we´re waiting for more thant 1 mothn this map update, and now for appybuilder and kodular is a few mothns more, not possible, our users aren’t going to wait that long.

and we dont know is the appybuilder and kodular will work right, you know? everything right now is a big doubt and changes.

I think it’s fair to finish offline and then in a few months if we have to migrate to Kodular, then it will migrate.

I don’t know how much work it is to update the maps, but it was promised that the 1st of September this was updated in Offline (API 28) the maps, if then there is a change, I see it well, but also have to fulfill what is promised, as I also promised my users , it is logical to understand.

Thanks in adanced


You could test if your app works in Kodular. In the next few weeks it will become clear what is going to happen with the Offline version.


Peter , Yes I’ve tried everything, on all platforms

we have spacer that not work in Kodular, Kodular doesn’t recognize spacer.

I repeat that the fairest thing for users is to terminate the Offline platform, leave users safe with offline full working in map (OSm) and then proceed to Kodular changes



It must be recognized that all these changes are a big doubt and produce a lot of distrust in the users, 4 days ago it is said that it is updated offline with map, now we have to go to kodular, all in the short months or weeks that follow,

this right now is crazy, I’ve been waiting more than 1 month to update the maps, told one thing and now it’s not possible, crazy, our users claiming, I can’t do anything, in google play I can’t update an app that don´t works on maps and gps , the maps are not visible and this has me completely confused

I don’t know what to do, please help us