Soft Keyboard status



Regarding your comment HERE on KitchenSink.IsKeyBoardOpen: are you using companion v3.21? I just tested and seems to be working fine


Sorry for get back to you only now, I have latest companion and I did just tried again. To me is not working.
I set up a textbox and the isKeyboardOpen block. When I run the app and set the focus on the textbox the keyboard opens, then I use the “do it” on the block and it returns “true”, correct. Then I close the keyboard with the back button, use again the “do it” and again it returns “true”, incorrect.
Do you have a test app, maybe?


I’ll try it again and out together a simple aia. Do you have one to show the issue?


@Gabryk You are correct. In companion, it works properly, but not in .apk
I’ll check into it and fix


Actually no, in my try doesn’t work in companion either


Hmmm. We need to check into it and will get it working for next release


Any news on this issue?