SmartCar Extension - Bounty!



I am offering a bounty of $30 to the first extension developer that makes a SmartCar Extension.
Smartcar is the “The Connected Car API for Developers. It enables apps to easily and securely communicate with vehicles.”

Their platform makes it easy to read vehicle data and send commands to vehicles of any brand using HTTP requests.

It is:
Cross-brand compatible
Communicate with vehicles across brands in a single development effort.

No hardware
Say goodbye to dongles and aftermarket hardware. Smartcar works with hardware that is already built into vehicles.

Fully documented
Get off the ground in minutes with our suite of SDKs and comprehensive docs.

It is currently compatible with 6 brands, including GMs lineup, Audi, Volkswagen, Ford, Hyundai, and more.

Here is some sample JAVA code from their website:

_import com.smartcar.sdk.*;_

// Fetch the set of vehicles associated with this access
SmartcarResponse response = AuthClient.getVehicleIds(“ACCESS_TOKEN”);
String[] vehicleIds = response.getData().getVehicleIds();

// Use the first vehicle
Vehicle vehicle = new Vehicle(vehicleIds[0], “ACCESS_TOKEN”);

// Unlock the vehicle

// Fetch the vehicle’s odometer
SmartcarResponse odometer = vehicle.odometer();

// Fetch the vehicle’s location
SmartcarResponse location = vehicle.location();
System.out.println(location.getData().getLatitude() + ", " + location.getData().getLongitude());

Here is a link to the docs:

Here is a link to their SDKs:

I want to see login using Authorization Flow because it makes the login compatible with all added car brands. Ex: If Honda is added, then it will seamlessly compatible with the extension already.

The bounty will be paid out by Paypal or BTC

Happy developing!


I think you can not build for now by this type of conditions in the android manifest, the rest of classes can be integrated into an extension, @hossein can tell me if it is possible to add these lines from an extension


I need full instructions to be available to the community. Sounds like good progress! Keep it up!

The Bounty can be split among your team!

Thanks @Andres_Cotes @Hossein


@Andres_Cotes This seems to be a custom-modification. We can’t just add that


You can also just use return val but, whatever. What I am seeing on the documentation I’ll try adding to Appybuilder-Source.


This user seems to not have been active in a while, would anyone be happy to try this after I finish? I don’t have a Smart Car.


I’m still here! :joy: I will test it!

Attach the AIX and your paypal address…




No no LOL, I don’t need money. I wouldn’t be able to spend it anyway, I’m underage. All for free :heart:


Can you send me your email in a PM?


I’m underage also! I’m only a teenager! Can we maybe facetime or skype me sometime so you can walk me through how to make extensions with SDKs?

I will also show you how to accept money!