Smart Door Locking System



Hi guys I know that this platform is no longer updated but I just wanna show my recent project that I developed which is smart door locking system.

This app are used for controlling a door lock using a smartphone. It is using an internet connection to connect with the device. This app has 2 login section for admin and user respectively. After a successful login, user will be redirect to the main page. User then need to select a room in order to lock/unlock the room.

If the room is occupied, the other user will not be able to use that same room until the recent user lock the room back.In the end of every action, a history log will be generated and expire every 1 week.

-login system for user and admin.
-admin section for registering, update and delete user data.
-automatic restriction system if the selected room is occupied by other user.
-exception handler and notification alert.
-one-time-login system. (after a successful first time login)
-history record
-logout system to clear one-time-login.

Link to the app:

If you’re interested for the blocks, just let me know but as for now i’ll going to charge it with a small price. You’ll be getting the aia.file together with the Arduino source code for the hardware. Reasonable right? :slight_smile:

For testing you can use this id

username: User1
password: user123


username: User2
password: user123


username: User3
password: user123

Room password: password

To try: You can try to login to all 3 accounts on different phone simultaneously to demonstrate the automatic restriction system where other user will be restricted to use the occupied room, Cheers.:smile:


Please post some screenshots of your app to get better understanding of purpose of your app


Hi, thanks for the reply, I already edited the post :smiley:


I can’t understand the meaning of your application


Hi, this app is meant to control a door lock using only a smartphone, replacing the conventional way of locking/unlocking the door using a physical key. :slight_smile:


So what device do you use as a lock? Can it be synchronized with any application with a password?


The software controls the servo using NodeMCU to rotate in to certain angle if the button is lock or unlock and the servo itself is attached to the door lock.

This is actually an app designed for a private company or corporation that only can connect to a certain or specific door lock that is programmed into it. So for the time being, it cannot syncronize with other lock.

In the future, maybe i will be adding a dynamic feature to enable the app to register or connect into a new NodeMCU/lock