is it possibile to setting a sliding text on the screen?


@Massimiliano_Fiorava are you talking about scrolling text?


i’m sorry but i’m italian, i talking about text from the right to the left automatically (this is a scrolling text?)


@Massimiliano_Fiorava See scrolling test below. Is this what you need? If so, yes, AppyBuilder supports it:


yes this one!!! how can i make it?


i want use only a text not a html…


@Massimiliano_Fiorava Yes. Label, scrolling, no html. You can.


Why don’t you try and look for what it does



Maybe not in the word you’re looking for

another word for that wold be Marquee



I understand what u r saying but little more clarification would be great.


Add a label, enable marquee and set font size for example to 50 (test the size according to the device screen size )