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I am Ben as you know :slight_smile:. In past days, I been thinking, there is a lot of great app builders out there (App Inventor & it’s distros), but what if we would make a same thing just with sites? Well, I started working on this project Site Publisher. It is an “Easy Website Builder”, that allows you to make sites easier than ever. Now, I know you would say there is Wix & Weebly, etc. But Site Publisher would be different. Whole core system and idea of it will be different. It won’t work the way other site builders does. A whole system is being built with following languages/scripts/libraries/frameworks/engines/databases/apis:

  • PHP - a whole back-end (core system), is written in this language making a whole builder powerful.
  • Bootstrap - Bootstrap framework is used for a front-end (design), making publisher beautiful as well.
  • MariaDB - data (users, websites, etc.) is being stored on MySQL’s type of database called MariaDB.
  • Perl - for additional features, I am using Perl to make CGI scripts.
  • Popper - an engine used to make tooltips and popovers (little messages).
  • jQuery - a JavaScript library, which I am using for AJAX. Learn More
  • Tasks - A mini JSON encoding restful API written by me, you can take a look at it on GitHub.

Currently, my project is being actively developed & I am looking for people who can be beta testers.
If you are interested in this, please request access for a beta here: https://goo.gl/forms/27XkI2Mdx8wmMx3j2
Website building hasn’t changed in a while, and I thought it was time for a fresh start. I am on a mission to make easy website builder, that you want to use.

Note: it may take a couple of months, until a beta is available to beta testers.


Hi Ben. I like the idea but i like to give you another idea. Don’t make something that works online. Make something that works on the desktop. A desktop CMS system.

In my younger years i worked a lot with Citydesk by Joel on Software.

I was a beta tester for Encor Pro from South Africa

I was a beta tester for an number of others also. I made for instance themes for Website Baker, a php based CMS system.

Wow a lot of memories come back now. I am talking about ten or fifteen years of (desktop) cms fun. :wink:

I like a desktop based CMS system a lot. You can work on it offline. You generate your pages as static html. For a lot of users this would simple be enough. No need for databases. With the build in ftp module component they can upload.

No need for commandline work for a the python and ruby based static html generators. I know you have experience programming in java. What if you used that?

I googled somewhat and found for instance https://getpublii.com/ they also have a windows and mac version but not a linux one. And i like Linux a lot. :sunglasses: i just see they are maybe making one. https://publii.ticksy.com//ticket/1109971/

Surprised to see that they make publii with electron. https://electron.atom.io/ (i like electron based programms ):grin:

I stop my rambling now. Just trying to give you some ideas.

Good luck with whatever you are going to develop. :+1:


Hello everyone, some news coming! You can find website at http://sitepublisher.tk/ Together with new website, I would like to ask for you guys, to check out http://sitepublisher.tk/cgi-bin/ site, if you can see a following words: Hello World!, that means everything is working! Please tell me, whether you can see those words, as Hello World! is being printed from Perl (CGI Script). Thanks for your help!



In couple hours, I will send an-alpha look of editor.


From now on, you can check SP's community at http://sitepublisher.tk/DISCUSSION but you can't register for ot currently.


Site Publisher has an extensible architecture, allowing you to make extensions (written in JavaScript)


Sorry for the delay, today I will be posting editor picture. Regards.




Hello there, this is my another test. Currently, I am not using normal pages system. There are no sitepublisher.tk/home, sitepublisher.tk/sites, sitepublisher.tk/help or etc. I am using AJAX, which allows me to navigate through different pages, without opening a new page (in current tab) or reloading current page. I can load a new page, right in a moment. There are 3 tests, that you can find at: http://sitepublisher.tk/



Finally integrated AJAX system & alpha-version design, that you can check a new site at http://sitepublisher.tk


Currently it is not possible to login or register on this site.


I also, uploaded Terms of Service that you can find here: http://sitepublisher.tk/LICENSE.txt