Simplify the blocks?


I would like to simplify the blocks.
I have a lot of blocks to change the width and height.
From Peter I learned how to simplify blocks. Unfortunately, this does not work for everyone. For example, in the picture shown.


Is it possible to simplify these blocks?
For example, as in this picture, there I changed the background color. (Learned from Peter)


Is there perhaps an extension where you can change the width and height with a slot for the component?

Thank you for your ideas!

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@TF101 You could create a procedure that takes a parameter (as component). Is that what you are looking for?


Hi Thomas,

You can do that the same way. Use the any component option. A quick example.


@Hossein made a blogpost once about it.

Control properties of multiple items

Thank you again, Peter!! :+1:

Maybe I should look at Appybuilder better! It already has many solutions included! :wink:

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Your welcome,

Always nice to help you :+1:


I see in your first post that you use the gradient to make a solid color. You can also use the any block for layouts for that. For instance this block especially as you are using solid colors.



Yes that’s right.
Now that you’ve shown me the Any Component, that’s a lot easier.


@TF101 Not related to your specific question, but you may also be interested in if-then-else tips too (also when page opens, scroll all the way down):