Simple Speed Control App on google play


This is my second app on google play (thanks Appy Builder!)
Feel free to comment,

Application works in the background, not perfect but it can pass :wink:


You can adjust sound warning and lock the phone, If your speed is higher, sound warning should be activated .


Which sensor did u use to find speed???

Many many congratulations for the 2nd app


I use location sensor (
there is speed and you convert in Km/h (speedX3.6) or mph (speedX2.236)


Thank you so much Zoran… I actually wanted to built it for my CAR and BIKE… Thanks


Feel free to contact me for any problem, i will tell anyone all what i know. :smiley:


Could you make a tutorial of this?


Yes app looks great and as @Peter mentioned, helping community and giving others ideas would be great.


I love the custom font for the speed indicator. Can you send me the font? I want it in my project.


Yes, I will make tutorial.


Šteta što nisam imao ovo kad sam bio letos dole…



Hvala Bobane,

Ovo je samo varijacija aplikacije:
koja radi kao elektronska naplata putarine u Srbiji.

Prvo sam krenuo u Android Studiju ali Appy Builder mnogo ubrzava posao. (cesto se pitam da li je ovakva platforma buducnost programiranja)

Hvala jos jednom! :smiley:


Is this
(speedX3.6) or mph (speedX2.236)
Show the true result, are you tested it in the car. On older topic people tell : there is a big difference from app with this formula and another apps


You can download app from google play and try it. :wink:
From sensor you are reciving speed in m/s and you can convert it in Km/h or Mph …
I test my app with speed radar on road.

“GPS devices are positional speedometers, based on how far the receiver has moved since the last measurement. Its speed calculations are not subject to the same sources of error as the vehicle’s speedometer (wheel size, transmission/drive ratios). Instead, the GPS’s positional accuracy, and therefore the accuracy of its calculated speed, is dependent on the satellite signal quality at the time. Speed calculations will be more accurate at higher speeds, when the ratio of positional error to positional change is lower. The GPS software may also use a moving average calculation to reduce error. Some GPS devices do not take into account the vertical position of the car so will under report the speed by the road’s gradient.” LINK from:


Still are making some tests
if app measure the distance inside 2 points - lets say we making a turn and the app calculate the distance from beginning end the end of that turn in straight line, not the real distance