Simple chat application using firebase



Hello friends,

Today i will share how to create simple chat application using firebase.

see below image:


Components i have used in project :

Images of block:


Hello my friend! That’s nice! How much the .aia costs?
I really want to know how much it costs to buy it, thanks!
My email is:


Do you know whats mean that error? I run this in the pre-visualisator, thank you!


@LegolasMaster, does this interest You?


Hello! So nice mi friend! Sure, i’m interested for that .aia
Is there a sample to taste it?
How much it costs Fabio? Thanks!


I will answer in private, right?



Give me aia :upside_down_face:


hello sir, can i get the aia file for this?


Can you share database structure?


DM If you need a Aia file of a Chatting App which connects users randomly


Hi . If somebody wants I can give the aia charging just one paid extension on my choice…:grinning:


How many dollars for firebase chat aia?


I will answer you in PM


This tutorial is incomplete. It doesn’t show what has to be done on the firebase DB side of things. As I read in the comment section, it went from free to being a paid tutorial. Which is it?


Ill be able to give the aia of a chatting app which connects users randomly. For free


I need it please. Help me with it please


DM ME for the aia File


If it is free why not post it here so everyone can benefit from it.