Simple Block for spacer or separador


Hello it is possible to add a block that can be used as a separator.

Example I use labels to separate a text from a button.

I also use labels to separate arragment.

Would be good option to have something already defined as a separator that you can change the size of width and height.

What does that mean?

what exactly is the advantage of using a separator component instead of a label?


I agree. It’ll still will have properties like height, width (for horizontal), color. Just fyi. You could also use Horizontal Arrangement so that you don’t have to enter text


My point is to be able to create spaces between the components.

Example to be able to separate action bar from horizontal arragment, about 10%
So that it is not stuck to the action bar. What I use is a blank label with a width of 10%.

Or what I mean is to create a component that is empty but can give you width and height to be used in separating the elements.

In the photo of above is clear the distance of action bar to the arragement what I use is an empty label with a 10% of height


yes exactly, just use a label as spacer
there is not really an advantage in using a special spacer component…


Not that it is an advantage, but for me if I see it useful when creating app that use many labels.

Example using labels, you have to delete the text and rename with a name like spacer or something similar for when working in the block area know that it is a spacer not a common label.

On the other hand if it was a spacer would be dragging it to the designer area and give it the size and when you are working in the block area you would have something like spacer.1

For me it will be very useful to have spacer.1 vs label.1.

I understand that it is something easy to have as a component, but it is useful in the design area.


lo que quieres son margenes y Padding


I understand your point of view, but there is no point in create a spacer component if text or arranjment already do the exact same.
Meanwhile, i would love to have the possibility to drag and drop some element to the design view and simply set the position X/Y of it and done. Is very painfull create a scroll view and set for example the label,button,spacer width and heigh ALL OVER AGAIN AND AGAIN, is very painfull.
Its ironic but i prefer create some interface in pure XML code (“ALOT of coppy and paste”) outside appybuilder projects, rather than do it with appybuilder irself.
Would be awesome if we could simply drag one text element (for example), set the X/Y position and done.



I still think the proper way is to expose the margin and padding properties of component. in that way the screen should look a lot less cluttered, easier to maintain and more compliant with the android development standards. I know would involve a bit of re-write of the components, but if i was on of the decision makers I would go that way. I also know thre’s more than one way to skin a cat but I’d prefer to skin it the proper way! (no cat’s been harmed in the posting of this message!)


For separators, I use arrangements instead of labels, for the reason that you don’t have to delete its text like you do in a label.
In fact, I’m almost 100% sure the new spacer component internally is just an horizontal or vertical arrangement stripped of most of its properties except for background color, width and height.


@Italo, same. I usually use a HA. I dont really understand why the need of special component space. Well, maybe it could be a good component for some.