SignaturePad Extension [paid] Update 23/07/2018


this extension allows you to convert a horizontal array into a signature collector and the result can be saved as a jpg file with or without a background color or a scv file




Price 15 USD


Andres Cotes


@Andres_Cotes Can you post screenshot of output or a video showing how this works?



Very nice @Andres_Cotes


I purchased this extension and can recommend it


Hello, how do I buy this extension?


Hello, how do I buy this extension?






Andres que tal!

esta extension convierte la firma en texto?


firma en una imagen jpg


hola Andres existe alguna opción para crear una tabla que tenga información y ademas de una firma? para crear un tipo de asistencia (tengo algo parecido pero no logro insertar la imagen en la tabla PDF solo puedo hacerlos con los textbox pero no con la firma, la firma la guardo con el canvas en formato png )


puedes enviarme una imagen del resultado que quieres


Question: What is the convenience of using this instead of a canvas?


I think maybe that it can be saved as a CSV file?


What does a scv-file look like?


saved in a vector image format that can be scaled to large sizes without losing any quality


Hi whats the process of downloading the extension


This is a paid extension:

PM the developer


sir how to send payment i want signature pad and youtube tutor for this extension

my email : Removed by MOD reply sir