Sidebar V2 Extension Free 18/02/2018


I am getting Space at the right side of background image similar to other members. I tried with 16:9 pictures. Anyone got any solution ? or still the problem is there for all. i want a solution for this…


AppyBuilder has its own sidebar. Use that.


Please keep in mind that if you use AppyBuilder Sidebar, you’ll have to make sure that you remove the extension Sidebar otherwise, there will be name-clash


@Peter The reasons I’m not using Appybuilder’s own sidebar are because it is very slow (respond to drag very slowly), its spacing between the icon and the text ( congested ) and the circular layout. As Compared to this @Andres_Cotes’s sidebar is good with the only problem of picture’s dimensions.
Maybe you can upgrade it in future.


Hmm. Personally i didn’t experience the slowness that you are talking about. Its a very smooth slide transition


How do I get the sidebar extension inside a vertical arrangement? The image is not showing and I think this may be the solution.


I intend to purchase the paid extension but I tested the free version and the image does not appear after the app is installed. In the emulator appears but in real does not appear.


With .apk It displays the image for me.
What path are you using for the image?


image load assets …



I’m using this image path
in emulator this is ok in apk does not appear


show assets please…


app inventor 2


media files
panel designer



como puedo usar iconos como de facebook o whatsapp, en la fuente de material no estan o no los encuentro :frowning:


Si estás usando la versión libre no se puede y si estás usando la paga solo cambias la tipografía


si eso me imagine, gracias, buena extension por cierto!