Sidebar V2 Extension Free 18/02/2018


I have one problem/question while using this V2 free extension. Please check this screenshot… Somehow its adding some spacing on top while using “main container” of the screen as input [this is what you have shown in your screenshots"

If I use any blank container … it just got hidden when screen starts. So does this extension use that container as holder and then hide it? Not sure how this actaully works.


you can try to set it unvisible. and check again.


i have different problem with this extension.
if i use this extension i can not click any button. side bar appear when i swipe screen left to right.
and if theres is list on the screen then can not move.


V1 of this extension works fine… check this screenshot. No spacing issue

Its also very leggy… not smooth at all. I also tried this on companion on real phone too.


You must put it inside a layout


@Andres_Cotes, es posible usar la fuente de ícones awesome?


solo en la versión paga


yes i knew didnt work.


it works fine to me, can you share your aia to test it?


This extension freezing you listview so if you must choose only one of them


How can I use Font Awesome icons or image icon in sidebar?


Yes in pay version…


how much and where can I get this?


10 USD


I don’t have PayPal.


I don’t have PayPal. PayPal is not available in my country. How can I get this?


it works :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue:


1280x720 640x360

you can use any size but it should be in ratio of 16:9


That won’t work, you will still have white space.

Btw, @Shubham_Chaudhary, @herrerapps image is already in ratio of 16:9



Quando uso o emulador funciona normalmente, mas quando instalo no celular ele dá erro e o aplicativo não inicia.