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Hello my name is Julia and I am still a beginner.
My Question is:
If you enter a value with one smartphone, can this value be retrieved on another smartphone?

I would like to enter a value in the text box with Smartphone 1 and have it saved via the button “Speichern” in my Firebase database. When I use Smartphone 2 to open the screen with the entered value, it should be displayed immediately.

Can you help me please?




This can be done with Firebase

There are a few ways to do it.

I would suggest you look up a couple real time chat tutorials, as they go through the principals nicely.

Let me know if you need more help.


Hey, I need your help! I’m just on the Verzwindeln and have already tried everything possible. I think I’m just too stupid …
I want to save the four values ​​from the textboxes and the selection in the spinner in my Firebase and then retrieve them all at the same time on the screen when I open it.
Unfortunately, I do not know how to order the blocks and which ones I have to use at all. I have already looked at several tutorials, but could not do anything with it.
Can you show me for a screen how to arrange the blocks?

Please help me! I’m really desperate…
Thank you very much!


First thing you need to do is follow a tutorial on what it does by itself. Do not worry about your app yet.

This is the best one for real time.

Let me know when you get it working and then I can help!


Hey, I just can’t figure out which blocks to append to the block “when Initialize” so that the values I previously saved in the Firebase are displayed when I open the screen.
Does that work with the division I made for the firebase?

Blocks Firebase


You need to get the tag, and on Got Value.


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