Show gif file in appybuilder


i have a gif file i want to pla like a background
does anyone know how can i show it?
when i just put it as a background img its not play the animation
thank you

  1. Extract each frame as a static image. You can do it with a program like Photoshop, or similar.
  2. Set up a clock and each timer event, change the background image to the next frame.
  3. When the last frame is shown, next Timer event, show frame 1 again and repeat the cycle.


This is a very good way to do it, and a very good way to think the process of animating images.

There is other options (yes, extensions) that offers other features you should consider:

  1. GifView Extension by @said_lachguer. For you I think this the best option because you can set the gif into an arrangement and use it as a background. Also, the post shows with simple and practical steps how to do it.
  2. Glide Extension by me. Useful if you want to set the gif into an Image component, and also be able to manage the cache.

Happy Building!


Nice, @CarlosPedroza27, i’ve never heard of this before. Thank you.


thank you very much for the answers
i will try
have a good day