Should i load an ads when screen initialize?


Hello everyone, anyone can help me about that?i had some app created by appybuilder but don’t know how to use admob right…please help me. Thanks a lot !


Have you created your Admob account??? What kind of ads do you want to display in your app???


Yes. I had an admob account. And almost type of admod i use is intervestial.


Try loading an ad from the “Screen Initialize” you can get a Test ID from this link, so your account is safe from being banned or suspended.

You can load an ad from the starting of the app, and once the add is shown, you can load another ad to display it in other circumstance.

PD: Remember to change the Test ID for one of your own when you finish the testing of your app proyect.


Thanks so much. You’ve help me alot…:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: