Sharing access to project?



My uber-talented wife is my graphic designer. Rather than give her access to my Google account (which requires two factor authentication, and thus is not practical) or setting up a dedicated Google account for use with AppyBuilder, it would be great if we could both somehow access the same project from different accounts, perhaps even edit it simultaneously (as with Google Docs).

Short of that, I’m exporting projects and sending them to her to play with. Which is liveable, just less convenient than clicking a checkbox and granting access.


That’s a big need indeed. But unfortunately I don’t think it’s an easy one to implement. I mean, I’m sure it will be included one day, but not in a short term. And I hope I’m wrong on that point.
As a workaround, you may want to try and see if a remote desktop tool can help. I use Teamviewer which is free for non commercial use, so both of you can share the same session.
Other than that, I’m out of ideas.


In addition to what @Italo mentioned, it could cause security issues.


I do get that modifying an app architected for use by a single user into a multi-user model, perhaps even with “roles”, is a huge engineering task, and one that doesn’t forward the core mission of AI Inventor 2.

I don’t see how it would create “security issues”, per se (other than the fact that the more people who have access, the great the risk that an account with access will be compromised), but it would definitely involve a lot of additional effort required to track who did what, on top of the obvious issues with maintaining synchronization and resolving conflicting modifications / avoiding inadvertently erasing one person’s modifications when another user makes a change simultaneously. I also suspect that the app doesn’t maintain a “history” of changes that allows you to revert to a previous state (directions to manually save versions to your local computer imply as much) ala Google Docs.

But, ultimately, some kind of mechanism of this sort is necessary for more than trivial levels of development.

Maybe, as an interim measure, the ability to save a project to another account (with permission)? In my case, the “designer” is going to be working on art assets (button graphics and background images), rather than modifying the look and feel by moving buttons around or changing other properties, so no risk of code inconsistency.