SFTP Manager Extension [PAID]


yes , extension work app inventor MIT

this library i util



I am having difficulty paying you USD via Paypal. If you send me your email address, I could try again. Else please send me your account details so I can transfer from my bank. My email: arun.mehta at gmail


Excellent extension Andres. Did you also develop something to manage file sharing within a local network? Example the smartphone sends a file to a Windows PC of the same network.
This would be very useful, I found it on the web, but it would be nice to have something here on this community.


this extension uses id and password to login – on the google cloud service they use a key pair to establish secure communications. So can this be used to upload to the google cloud?


Hi, Adres,

I need this extension fot FTP SSL. what is the process to pay? thanks


Hola… Me interesa esa extensión… cuanto cuesta en pesos colombianos?


update 26/04/2019

  • fix get file list path
  • now return one list all file name

Price Extension 20 USD, Update Free


Hola Andres, estoy interesado en obtener la extensión para trabajar con MIT APP Inventor 2, creo que anteriormente comentabas que funcionaba sin problemas en esta plataforma. No obstante no encuentro como hacerte el pago para descargarla, podrias mandarme instrucciones ? he visitado https://inventor.life/extensions/ pero no la encuentro.



Is there a test app?


No but extension work full


How do I know its going to work with my sftp server?


What sftp server You use


The one implemented in the pterodactyl panel.


I not see module sftp


Its built in. Its not the service itself.


Extension is for sftp , if the framework have sftp service extension work, sftp is Different to Ftps


Its SFTP. Please make a test app to prove the extension works.


Please send me host, user and password for PM i test app and send video


Ok give me a second.


Cordial saludo Andres:
Estamos interesados en la extensión , pero quisiéramos una demostración de que funciona, ya que hemos intentado con la función de kodular y aunque logramos conexión, los archivos no se descargan.