Several screen does not work


Hello together
I noticed the following - I wanted to make several screens. In the live test, the switch between the screens works, but I build the AKP and load it on my phone, it does not work anymore, I click on the menu item, but nothing happens
Greeting Axl


Use DO IT and check what the value of menuitem is.
If it is different from the name of the screen you want to call, then that’s the problem.


What is “DO IT”?
When I load it into my phone via Live Testing and QR Code it works.
Only if I build the APK is not possible anymore
Greeting Axl


“DO IT” is an option when you righ click on one block, to see its result. It’s a good way to debug.


the DO IT does not help me here unfortunately, because it just does not work if I load it as an APK on my phone. I have now loaded an alpha into the Google Play Store and see if there is the error
Greeting Axl


To use DO IT, you need to use the companion app. It’s a better way to test your app than compiling every time. Is there any reason why you can’t use the companion?


I use the app AppyBuilderGold for testing the app.
There, switching to another screen works.
If I turn it into an APK and upload it to my phone or upload it to Google PlayStore, the screen change will not work anymore.
Greeting Axl


Did you change the package name?


I go to Test -> LiveTesting -> Scan the barcode with AppyBuilderGold -> Screen Switching works.
Now I go to Build -> App (provide QR code for .apk -> Scan QR -> Screen Switch is not working anymore I do not make any changes between test and build
Greeting Axl


And what is the error message you get when switching screens?