Setting Places (switch ON/OFF your wifi & volume with GPS sensor)


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Good idea, but AppyBuilder doesn’t have background services, so how do you keep the app active?


using the gps, when it changes it checks the gps position


if the app doesn’t close I think it will be checking the GPS , isn’t it ? when you keep the app opened in the background… well, I will check it, I’m not sure if it works then :smiley:


Ok, I know that, but how do you keep the app working in the background? As far as I know AppyBuilder apps are suspended when the screen goes off and terminated if the memory is needed.


ok, I didn’t know this, I will check it then


I check it before with other apps, for example with Bitcoin Ratio Alarm when I don’t close the app it was ringing when the value pass the ratio selected.


if it’s true what you say then I have some apps that are not going to work good :frowning:


I have tested your app and you have a problem. The app not work if it’s not on.



yes, that’s what @Italo told me. I see, in bakground doesn’t work, it must be opened all time to work good. :frowning:


ok, I have unpublished the apps who doesn’t work.

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