Server upgrade on December 24th


Due to increased number of users, on December 24th, we are planning an experimental server upgrade that should speed up user interface performance. We’ll keep you informed of updates.


:christmas_tree: Christmas :santa: gift :gift: for users :smile:


Please let us know if you are seeing speed-enhancement when using
Make sure you are using latest Google chrome (v 63 -as of today)


Anyone noticing speed enhancement loading projects and using blocks editor?


Yah, better than before.
Now bagpack works fine. Before it takes more time to load.
Screen changes time also improved.
It seems server upgrade started?? :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s much better!!! Thanks to all!!!


It feels faster than before. :+1:


Server upgrade done or not?
And what is the new capacity of server?


@Nick You should see performance when loading projects or when in blocks-editor.
Capacity? If you are referring to 10MB, that hasn’t changed


Please Remove the Limit of 10MB Per App and We dont usually need 2 hours valid link. So Please Remove the 10MB Limit or Increase the limit to at least 20MB Min and if you want you can remove the compiled apps from the server After 30 minutes.

NP: Its not really a Urgent Request But Please Consider these improvements. Thanks for your Great Services APPYBUILDER …


This is out of the control of the developers of AppyBuilder. That is a limitation that the Google AppEngine has.


Does MIT App Inventor Has it? I guess not


If you would have test it you would see that App Inventor has this also. Why do you think it hasn’t?


If I use the Offline Version of Appybuilder Can i Make Apps more than 10MB?


I once made an apk of 12 MB but got an error at 13 MB. So bigger yes/maybe, but not much.


You Made it in Offline or Online Version?


In the offline version