Server UDP Extension (Paid Extension)


Buenas Tardes comparto que he creado la extensión de UDP server

esta extension puede abrir un puerto y recibir mensajes UDP de forma asincrona desde arduino , esp8266 y dispositivos IOT , pc movil.

solo debes compartir la ip de tu dispositivo y el puerto que esta habilitado para recibir los mensajes.
Programa de pruebas packetsender

Paid 15 USD including support
muchas gracias por apoyar mis extensiones



WebSocket Client Extension
MQTT + UDP code Arduino ID ESP32

@Andres_Cotes What does it do? Can you provide some detail?


excelente! muy buen trabajo!


con tu extension se pueden hacer cosas en backgroud , en las pruebas que hice aparece el mensaje en la barra de superior luego de enviar el mensaje sin que la aplicación este en primer plano


yes, however Android could terminate any app running in the background in case it needs more memory for something else…


Very good job, @Andres_Cotes,

Can you give ideas and examples of implementations? What do we need to do on the server side? Thank you.


@Andres_Cotes I love it! Its exactly what I need! How do I pay for it so I can download it?


este es el enlace




HI @Andres_Cotes. I have sent the payment. Thank you


Ya te envié la extensión


Hi @Andres_Cotes I think I like your extension little description. Please I want to know if it does push notification,that is, does alert the user, if the app is not running at all? I will like more explanations. Thanks


That is not possible, because of background services limitations. You can use PushNotifications component instead, UDP is a type of protocol, like TCP.


What is the benefit of using UDP than say, HTTP?
What kind of application that are suitable using UDP?


You are off topic, HTTP is not even in the same topic like UDP. HTTP is Hyper Text Transfer Protocol used by websites. You can compare TCP and UDP. But not HTTP and UDP.


Yes, i know. I don’t think i’m off topic. I’m asking what’s the difference between these communication protocol? Why we need to use UDP? I’m comparing to HTTP since this is the most familiar to me.

If i know when and where to use them, it would be easier decision to use the plugin.


Oh, you mean that. Well, if you are not familiar with UDP, you shouldn’t buy this extension…
UPD (in real life examples) is used for:

  • Local Broadcast Mechanisms
  • VPN
  • Multiplayer Games
  • Media Streaming

Note: this protocol is used only if you don’t care about sometimes lost packets! That’s why most of the Games & Live Streaming Broadcasts are using TCP protocol.


I see, thank you, Ben… Maybe i can use it for sensor/IOT, but i think i need to learn server side first


es mejor mqtt con node-red si estas aprendiendo IoT puedes utilizar la extension mqtt por websocket en puedes descargarla y cuando tengas mas experiencia trabajar por tcp/ip




Hi Andres,
just I tried your udp client extension and it works fine.
Many thanks for your work.

Now I need the udp server extension and I paid a little
amount of USD 1,50. But how can I get now the
Thanks for your help and advice,


@Peter_Klingebiel extension costs 15$, not 1,5$