Server error could not saved one or more files please try again



well i have created a aia file like a story book but when i try to save as apk it says a message that"server error could not saved one or more filels please try again’’’’’ plz help me to solve this provlem


Since you are a Tech_Guy you understand that you have to give more info.


Ok let me tell you in deatils about the issu server error could not saved one or more filels please try again’’’’’ ok this aia is a story book aia and what i am doing is in home screen i am adding some buttons and name them as the story books and and when buttons is clicked i am opening a screen and where there is around some 20-30 buttons i did create is button like part kind of stroy part button and when part button is clicked ""i am opening a screen with start value and in the value i am using txt block and in the box i am adding stroy txt and also opening a screen with that value and every story part is around have more than 400 text


How many screens you have?


you might want to follow the general tips


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well i have 7 screen in my aia


You have large images/assets in you project?


hey bro in my aia i have only 5 picture and i have use them in background pic so i did make all screen background pic to noon and still having this problem but what i think is this is a book aia so this aia contain a lots of text and these may be the problem to get the text i am using ‘’’‘open another screen with start value’’’ block and in the block i am writing the text and using the same text in another screen calling the value i am also giving you some pic of my screen so that you can unserstand

this screen contain books name

this screen coaintain books part button


block screen of book part button where i am using screen start value block to open another screen

in this screen i am showing the start value

this is the block screen of story where i am geting the valu from other screen


you might want to read especially tip2 from the general tips again…