Server error: could not copy project


When I try to save my app with a new name, I get the error message "Server error: could not copy project. Please try again later!"
This happened at least 15 times since yesterday.


@WebAtelier_mt do you have a lot screens or media files?


No, I have only 1 screen and 8 media files (max. size 40kb) But I have about 3500 blocks with 50 procedures.


@WebAtelier_mt that’s a lot of blocks.
Try downloading .aia, rename and then upload back


The same happens to me.
I download the file.aia, I rename it, but then I get the same error when uploading the file.
I have many small images … but many. (The file.aia does not weigh more than 5Mb)
I will try to erase images and upload them when I have the correct name


It was definitely that …
Thank you again.