Sending push notification to a specific group


Hi. I am developing an app wich the user Will be able to choose one group to be in: group A or B.
If the user chooses to be in the group A he will receive one kind of push notification, if he chooses the B, another kind.
Question: Is It possible to do that? Could somebody help me, please?:slightly_smiling_face:


Who will be sending the notifications?


Thanks for answering. Only the admin of the groups Will be able to send the notifications.


@fabio_cavalcante There is a segment concept in push-notification. However, its not implemented in AppyBuilder OneSignalPush. We can put that into our TODO list


Would You mind to Tell me How to do that using the OneSignal??


As mentioned, itโ€™s not implemented. We need to check into it to see if possible