Sending Email in Posts


I just wanna be fair here… OK?

Many Users on many Communities for AI Distros have been sending their Emails PUBLICLY in Extension Posts. @Hossein has said Send the Email via PM, which all Users should follow. I understand I am not a Moderator or Admin here but, if I see ONE MORE PERSON from here on out, post their Email PUBLICLY in an Extension Post, I’ll be reporting it (You may not get your Extension for your Email “randomly” disappearing, you’d learn your lesson, at least I’d think). I know I’m not in the right authority of doing that but, you’re disrespecting people (including me) who have told you many times to stop. I have plenty who can back me up, that have told you to stop Posting EMAILS in the Extension Post. I understand you want the Extension, but thats why the PMing feature exists.