Send Push Notification Trough Your Apps


Hello, i'm sharing the php code to send push notifications trough your apps with OneSignal.
Copy the php code and upload it to a server with curl support.


Download aia project. SendPush.aia (4.3 KB)
Import the project and just change the Url, AppId and RestApiKey blocks values.

Change this to Textbox2.Text :sleeping:

you will see a workaround that i made in the Web1.GotText to detect if push notification succeed or fails.

Enjoy, greetingsā€¦

OneSignalPush notification tutorial
OneSignalPush notification tutorial

Nice. But how do you set up a php server with curl support?


And the link to get the PHP code is downā€¦ can you verify, @Lml_DLGdo?


I just checked the link and it worksā€¦


Ok tomorrow im gonna share how toā€¦


Sorry, for the moment I do not have time to explain how to do it because of my work, but you can search in google and youtube how to upload files to a free server , something like this:

I hope you excuse meā€¦


Sure. And what do you mean by curl support? is there any other platform to do this other than 00webhost?


Hello, there is another hosting I use it free
Sorry for the link