Send error when open


I need help the application SEND ERROR
WHEN OPEN after the last update MY APP gives this error message…
He was working normally before APPYBUILDER updated


You have to tell more then that.


Give us some more details so that we can help you. showing error screenshot is not enough. You have to attach apk or blocks screenshot


Also, before posting, check your app yourself for missing parameter blocks from other main blocks (sometimes happen that you try to scroll the blocks area and you accidentally grab blocks from the parameters slots).

Check at the lower left corner of the blocks editor for the yellow and red warnings. Do you have any of those? Most of the times, error happen because we didn’t check that.

Also, after the update, did any AppyBuilder block changed? Like for example a block that had 2 empty slots now has 3? Or something like that? You might have to check what blocks changed and fix the parameters you attached to those.


block that had 2 empty and i fix that thanks