Search in blocks


Once before I had this question, but unfortunately I didn’t get any answer.
About 2 years ago, there was an appInventor developper who made it possible to search in the blocks editor. This was a really nice feature. Couldn’t someone of the appybuilder team try to implement such a feature?


You can use the Find in the page feature of Chrome (or Internet Explorer, etc)


@WebAtelier_mt we are checking into it.

@Gabryk i don’t believe you can use browser-find feature to search through blocks


Yes you can


Thanks, that’s very nice.
I just saw in you picture that you used preferences/search from the explorer=> This works perfect.
But you can’t use F3 for a search.
Great, I didn’t find that before!


unfortunately, this doesn’t work for me with Chrome on Windows 10. Sometimes it’s just searching in the component section. And it doesn’t scroll to the matching terms in the blocks section. Do you use any specific version / settings of the browser?


It doesn’t scroll, it’s not a perfect trick but it’s useful… at least you can see the color and sometimes, when you have tons of blocks, it’s enough


yes, this is better than nothing. Thank you!
Anyway we should keep asking to get a search feature for Appy. I have an app with >2500 items, so this gets hard to maintain


I would suggest that when on blocks viewer, if I click on a component, like a label or a text box, it is highlighted in every place it is used.
It would speed up development and specially debugging.
To avoid this feature always on one could have something to switch it on/off on the menu.